Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to Get a Florida Driving Record

Florida Driving Records are fairly easy to obtain, especially since for most purposes you can access them online. But why would you need to pull your driving history? Well to begin, your Florida driving record is maintained by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the same database that is used by law enforcement, insurance companies AND employers. You may also want it for your records and for proof of traffic school point removal.

In addition, businesses, firms and government agencies may need access to driving records. Reasons for obtaining a person's driver license history include employment screening practices, insurance claims/underwriting, civil criminal or administrative proceedings, private investigative purposes and other lawful purposes.

What's Included
A driving record contains your complete driving history which would include how many infractions (citations) you have received, how many points, your license restrictions, accidents, suspensions and more. This database can also be accessed by your insurance company as well, which could in turn impact your insurance rates. It is good to know either way, since you could be eligible for a safe driver discount if you have a clean driving record.

Types of DMV Records
There are 3 types of driving records: 3 year, 7 year, and Complete. A 3 and 7 year driving record only shows traffic tickets where you were found guilty. If you took traffic school to avoid getting points, the points and ticket will not appear.

A complete driving record contains all of the traffic infractions and citations regardless of traffic school, and any addition information by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for the last 11 years. In addition, if you received a ticket in another state this will also be reflected on your driving record.

Florida Infraction Codes
A driving record may include infraction codes depending on what violations you've received and the time period you've chosen. What do the infraction codes mean on a driving record?

Dis 1 Two Serious Traffic Violation Within 3 Yrs

Dis 2 Three Serious Traffic Violations Within 3 Yrs

Dis 3 Felony Involving Manifesting/Distributing/Dispersing Controlled Substance

Dis 4 Driving Commercial Motor Vehicle While Under The Influence

Dis 5 Driving Commercial Motor Vehicle While Alcohol Content .04 Or Higher

Dis 6 Leave Scene Of Accident Involving A Commercial Motor Vehicle

Dis 7 Use A Commercial Motor Vehicle In Commission Of A Felony

Dis 8 Driving Commercial Motor Vehicle In Possession Of Controlled Substance

Dis 9 Refused Test To Determine Alcohol Content

Dis 10 Ineligible To Operate Commercial Motor Vehicle - Medical

Dis 11 Incapable Operation Commercial Motor Vehicle-Subject To Epileptic Seizures

Dis 12 Drive With Unlawful Blood Alcohol Level Of .10 Or Above

Dis 13 Drive With Unlawful Blood Alcohol Level Of .08 Or Above

How to Obtain a Copy
The easiest and quickest way to get a copy is to order it online through a Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) approved provider. Most providers will let you access it online and receive a copy via email or first class mail, at a nominal fee.

Simply visit, an approved Florida DHSMV provider. and select the 3-year, 7-year or complete driving record option. After that you will be asked to provide your driver's license number and other personal information such as your name, address and date of birth. Finally, you can select first class mail or free instant email delivery, as your method of driving record access.

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